Think Green

We understand the importance of thinking green.

We understand the importance of thinking green. Due to the changing climate and proposed government legislation, we encourage our customers to act on C02, by offering guidance and suggestions on ways to reduce fuel costs and the carbon footprint of their fleet.

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Thinking green doesn’t just stop with the fleet, at VLS we are fully certified ISO 14001:2004, which means we monitor the whole business to ensure our environmental responsibility is kept at the highest standard.

At VLS, our job is to manage and maintain your fleet, so we can help provide the tools and advice to help you think and act green. Remember becoming more efficient with the cost and usage of fuel is a proactive way to operate a greener fleet, without being forced by legislation.

Carbon Footprint

To calculate your carbon footprint, click here: C02 Calculator

Examples include:

  • Fuel Cards - Analysis of fuel costs and usage.
  • The option to speed limit vehicles
  • Continual improvement to vehicle specifications, e.g. Light weight racking, more efficient loading and the option to install 100% recyclable and reusable plastic bodies.
  • Encourage safe tyres – Remember, pumped up tyres mean less C02
  • The option to lease vehicles with alternative fuel – LPG, Bio diesel, Hybrid, Electric, Hydrogen
  • On your behalf, we attend government run schemes educating fleet operators on the ways to make a difference, whilst understanding the changes in technology, fuel and legislation.