Our Policy

Environmental Policy

Management Responsibility

It is understood that everyone within the company has a responsibility for all environmental issues. A process of continuous improvement is implemented and monitored through the company’s Integrated Management System (IMS) which includes the setting and review of environmental objectives and targets.

The company is committed to achieving and demonstrating compliance with all relevant environmental regulations and standards, as well as other requirements to which the company subscribes. Any new developments in environmental legislation are disseminated throughout the company and are incorporated within our business plans.

Environmental Impacts

Vehicle Lease and Service Limited recognises that a proportion of its activities have an effect on the environment and as such, is committed to complying with relevant environmental legislation, other important environmental obligations and pollution prevention. The Company aims to promote environmental awareness, best practice and legal compliance amongst all staff.

The Company will take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure that the appropriate environmental factors are taken into account in the operation and maintenance of its activities and assets. A programme of continual environmental improvement shall be achieved through the implementation of procedures, and the setting and review (by senior management) of environmental objectives and targets. The Company is committed to preventing pollution and minimising our adverse environmental impacts.

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The Company aims to reduce to a practical level the amount of waste generated by its activities and to dispose of residual waste in a responsible manner. We recognise that our key waste products include lubricants, tyres, vehicle parts, and office waste. We aim to reduce, re-use or recycle these wastes where possible.